Consulting & Career Services in The New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Area

M. Tripp Consulting, LLC was established during the tumultuous time of the 2009 economic recession. During that time, principal Joanne Parnofiello held her first workshop. She coached, counseled, and inspired a group of out-of-work parishioners from a local church. She spent her time teaching them skills, restoring their confidence, and bringing them a sense of hope – helping them to find jobs!

Named in honor of her late mother, Mary Trippodo, M. Tripp has been a beacon of hope and encouragement to those who need it and those who want to reach their full potential.

Services Offered

M. Tripp offers a wide range of connected services that can help organizations and individuals maximize efficiency, create a positive workplace culture, develop skills, and reestablish confidence. Currently, M. Tripp offers the following services:

Each service begins with meeting Joanne via phone or video call. You’ll find that she has a natural ability to put you at ease, and she will walk you through your desired outcome. Starting with a blank canvas and truly focusing on foundational and life-long development allows for consistent growth. As touching and deeply important words of encouragement are, sometimes the best encouragement is realistic guidance. M. Tripp helps foster ideas, patterns, and complete confidence.

As Joanne puts it, “With me, you can always trust that I have your best interest at heart,” and the testimonials from former clients reflect that. For more information, visit each service page, or contact us.