Empathy – the Missing Ingredient

Empathy – we hear that word a lot lately… I think it’s interesting that empathy has become a much sought-after attribute in the art of interpersonal dynamics, especially in the workplace. With technological advances giving way to digital communication, a new normal has been created within the workplace, requiring managers and recruiters everywhere, to look… Read more »

Timing is Everything

A series of events recently got me thinking about the concept of timing and the role it plays in the events of our lives. In one month I attended an awards ceremony for a colleague, received news of a personal loss, coached a client facing retirement, celebrated a friend’s milestone birthday, watched a live-streamed funeral,… Read more »

Technology: Love What it Does for Me – Hate What it Does to Me

Platforms, portals, digital invitations, virtual meetings, links that upload and download, and the Cloud – YIKES… This is just a small sampling (and will possibly be outdated before this post goes live) of the never ending buzz words that have hijacked our work environments, classrooms and homes – even our cars. OK, I admit it… Read more »