Timing is Everything

A series of events recently got me thinking about the concept of timing and the role it plays in the events of our lives.

In one month I attended an awards ceremony for a colleague, received news of a personal loss, coached a client facing retirement, celebrated a friend’s milestone birthday, watched a live-streamed funeral, and attended a wedding – all events that evoked thoughts about timing.

We hear it so often, the phrases that reference time. In songs, in prayers and speeches, in poems and everyday conversations that straddle backyard fences, kitchen tables, conference rooms, bar stools, and office water coolers – in the millions of conversations of people everywhere we hear the echoes of sadness and hopefulness that reflect the importance of time.

Just in time
I have no time
It wasn’t her time
In the nick of time
Time heals
Time waits for no one
Make the time – take the time
Time is on my side
Wrong place – wrong time
If I could turn back time

The fatalist in me believes things happen for a reason; things are meant to be…

I’ve been working with a client who has a diversified skill set; she has applied for a variety of jobs –  none have materialized. Although she often comes close, she is never the finalist. I try to comfort her with well-intended platitudes about hanging in there, being patient, re-thinking her strategy – and as a last resort, assuring her those jobs were just not meant to be.

Well, today something changed – a series of unexpected circumstances launched her to the top of the candidate list. The timing seemed right, she took her opportunity, aced the interview and landed the job!

This made me think back to the importance of timing. Could it be that no matter what we wish for or how many pairs of lucky socks we wear – everything comes to us in its own time?

Perhaps it’s true; when it’s one person’s time to win – it’s someone else’s time to lose… When it’s time for someone to celebrate – it’s time for someone else to grieve… And when it’s someone’s time to get the job – it’s someone else’s time not to.

So, if you did not land that job today, do not despair. It may simply be that it’s not your time, so hang in there – your turn will come soon enough.

Be well!

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