Technology: Love What it Does for Me – Hate What it Does to Me

Platforms, portals, digital invitations, virtual meetings, links that upload and download, and the Cloud – YIKES… This is just a small sampling (and will possibly be outdated before this post goes live) of the never ending buzz words that have hijacked our work environments, classrooms and homes – even our cars.

OK, I admit it – I’m addicted. I love that I am finally mastering it; it makes me feel smart. The instant gratification is exciting. I thrive on my new found ability to multi-multi-multi-task; the sheer joy of immediacy; of knowing, learning, and enjoying all kinds of bits and bytes of life – all at the click of a button, the swipe of a screen, or the sound of a voice. But, it’s a love-hate relationship.

We reminisce about a time of simpler communication and yet we are fascinated with what this new stuff can do. It’s empowering and simply feels cool. So, what happens when we are cut off like “last call” at a party where we’re finally getting our groove on? “Nooooo, wait – don’t fail me now… I’m almost there – just getting to the end!!!”

Things like upgrades, crashes, knock-outs, viruses, cookies, phishing, and memory loss come creeping as unexpectedly as a thief in the night, cutting off our juice and sending us into the abyss of pre-tech silence. Standstill and inconvenience disable us from conducting business, connecting with loved ones, and exploring our global horizons.

Truth is, I have become another player living in the age of immediacy; I want it and need it. There is no room in my day for error messages, timeouts, and things that don’t work – no time for delays. What is happening? I have turned into a screaming, raging, cursing beast.

We have become so reliant on a technology that despite all it does for us, frequently lets us down, leaving us bewildered and frustrated. Perhaps the expectations we should be managing are our own. Expecting it to work so flawlessly and seamlessly is unrealistic. Much like a love affair with the wrong person – the allure of what you can have pulls you in, only to find there are hidden disappointments and expectations. Yes, expectations of those who are waiting for your response – your call – your text – your feedback…TODAY!

Think about it; technology must be respected. It absolutely helps us live better, manage information better, and communicate better – but how far we allow it to manage us, is up to us.

Be well!

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