Joanne’s professionalism, work ethic, people skills and performance are amazing! Joanne has proven time and time again that she gets the job done. She is a powerful communicator who knows how to direct any situation with care, thought, and ability. In addition, Joanne immediately connects with the person she is assisting which puts you at ease and you know you are in great hands! I highly recommend her and the services she provides.


My relationship with Joanne Parnofiello began in 1996 on a professional level.

As the Human Resource Director she was responsible for hiring me as the Executive Director of Holy Name Hospital Home Care & Hospice. At that time Joanne conducted an in depth interview and took the time to enlighten me about the philosophy of the hospital and goals for these departments. She was instrumental in coordinating meetings with mid-level and senior management to further evaluate my credentials and provide me with insight into the hospital’s administrative structure. Upon hiring, Joanne arranged my structured orientation and followed up on a regular basis with my progress as a new administrator in this organization.

Joanne displayed a genuine interest in finding the right fit for the position, supporting the new hire, and mentoring me through the process.

I was extremely impressed by her commitment and dedication as well as her ability to provide valuable and constructive assistance.

Throughout my years there we worked very closely to evaluate, interview and hire new nurses and ancillary staff for my departments. Joanne excels in her ability to screen and vet applicants all while maintaining a caring and compassionate professional demeanor and patience with all those she encounters. She is extremely bright, energetic and organized. These attributes of her personality are consistently reflected in her day to day work. Through my subsequent professional career, Joanne has been a guiding influence in seeking other professional positions as well as a personal coach and friend. She is always well respected by her peers for her mastery and comprehensive knowledge.

It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial for Joanne.

Kathleen Diciedue

I have attended several of Joanne’s seminars/training sessions, her ability to make the material relatable and practical is unmatched. Joanne not only teaches, but motivates by instilling a sense of confidence that you can do anything.

Sean Moyles

Look no further… I only wish I could give Joanne 6 stars! Whether you are considering a new career opportunity, searching for that niche employee, or just need some help to perfect what you’re already doing, Joanne has the experience, savvy, and personal touch to put you on the track for success. As a surgeon at a leading metropolitan teaching hospital, I’ve worked with Joanne for nearly 25 years, and she’s always been my go-to personnel person! You won’t find a more competent, caring, and trusted resource.

Scott Wolfe, MD

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne for almost 17 years. Jo is a seasoned HR professional with an engaging personality. Her expertise and talents in recruitment, staff mentoring and being a trusted human resource advisor throughout my career has been invaluable!

Richard Fleury

Without hesitation, I would recommend you for any professional position. Earlier in the year, I was in need of a job. You offered to help me write introduction letters and update my resume. Upon using the tools you provided me, I was able to secure three interviews and land a wonderful job within my industry. My family and I can not thank you enough for all your support.

George Meglio

Joanne Parnofiello is a consummate HR professional. In my over a decade of working with her as the AVP of Employment at HSS, I found her understanding of the needs and requirements of the organization and how to achieve them to be highly strategic and operational. Joanne connects well with people at all levels in an organization and her dedication to the job and work ethic is unmatched. She has unquestionable integrity and is highly confidential.

Deborah Mather

I have worked with Joanne P for 20 years. She is truly an HR professional with wonderful people management and interpersonal skills! She is a great teacher, writer, coach, mentor, and career counselor. She is wonderful at recruiting and interviewing and has a gift (and lots of experience) to be able to match people with the right positions. She has outstanding resume writing skills and can help clients who are early, mid or late career.

Joanne is a kind, very approachable, empathetic, positive, and goal oriented professional! Let her help you!

Lisa Goldstein

I am writing to highly recommend Joanne for any opportunity that may come her way. I worked with Joanne at HSS for eight years, and in that period, developed the utmost respect and admiration for her professional and personal qualities.

Joanne is very personable, kind, and diligent. She is an excellent coach, and mentor to many in and outside of the organization. During her time with our company, Joanne has consistently demonstrated her exceptional leadership skills and strategic thinking. She has played a key role in implementing numerous HR initiatives that have greatly improved our employee experience and retention rates. Joanne is able to balance a strong sense of empathy and approachability with a clear focus on results, making her a trusted advisor to both employees and management.

In addition to her Human Resources expertise, Joanne is an excellent communicator and can effectively collaborate with team members at all levels of the organization. She is a natural problem-solver and is always willing to go above and beyond to help her team succeed. She also has incredible energy and can energize both individuals and groups and bring levity to situations that might otherwise create undue tension and difficulty for people.

I have no doubt that Joanne will be an asset to any organization, and I highly recommend her for any coaching or HR leadership role. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Bashir Agboola

I have worked with Joanne for more than 25 years, and can personally attest that Joanne is one of the brightest, most competent, hard-working, compassionate, and talented individuals I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with. I personally benefited from her thoughtful, astute, insightful career guidance and am now working at a Director level.

I cannot say enough about her knowledge, judgement and skill in providing career guidance all while making the process fun and sharing some laughter through it all! She is a cherished and trusted confidant who I am sure will exceed your expectations!

Theresa Karl

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Joanne Parnofiello during my employment at Hospital for Special Surgery. Joanne was not only my boss, but someone I consider to be my mentor. Despite the many competing priorities that she was consistently juggling, she always gave each matter and individual she was working with undivided time and attention to deliver effective and often creative solutions. She led her team and clients with her extensive knowledge and expertise in Human Resources, along with a genuine heart and intent to help others along the way. Joanne has taught me many invaluable lessons that have helped me develop my own personal career, such as troubleshooting complex conflicts and the value of building relationships. As I come across daily challenges and scenarios, I often find myself reflecting on “what would Joanne do”, as she always strived to do the right thing.

Julie Jhun

Joanne and I were at colleagues at HSS for 10 years. Joanne is a consummate HR professional. She is smart, thoughtful, an excellent communicator and a joy to work with. Of the many accomplishments that Joanne helped us to achieve, the most critical was leading the recruitment efforts for the many Epic certified professionals that had to be identified and hired when we began to implement this mission critical system at HSS. From the strategic to the tactical, Joanne’s HR skills are just excellent.

Jamie M. Nelson

Joanne puts the “human” in Human Resources. She is a highly skilled and competent professional who has the unique ability to connect with all levels of personnel.

Susan Mendelowitz

You’ve always been there for me – as a mentor and confidant. I’ve learned so much from you and appreciate all that you’ve given me with your time, knowledge, thoughtfulness and caring personality.

Liliana De Jesus

When I graduated college, I entered a competitive job market. Joanne helped me create a strong resume, along with a compelling cover letter. She also strengthened my interview skills and made me feel more confident. Joanne’s vast knowledge and years of experience helped me obtain the career I always hoped for.

Tara Benevento

I’ve seen first-hand the commitment to quality and service that Joanne Parnofiello embodies. I would highly recommend her services.
Her style of work lends itself to so many needs and her broad knowledge of all facets of human resources makes her a top choice for HR Consulting or personalized career services.

Tom Atkinson

In transitioning my career from being self employed to corporate, I called on M.Tripp to help me translate my skills to language that made sense to potential employers. Joanne went above that – in a short Q & A she was able to hone in on my specific abilities that made me stand out. I landed the job!

I highly recommend anyone needing help understanding their value to reach out! Thank you Joanne!

Douglas Struyk

For more than a decade I had the privilege of working with Joanne in my capacity as Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Service Excellence at Hospital for Special Surgery. Simply put, Joanne is one of the most dedicated, conscientious, professional, hardworking and caring persons I have ever encountered in my professional career. She is an outstanding writer, coach, mentor, and leader. Anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity to use Joanne’s services will come away from the experience professionally enhanced and better positioned to navigate successfully in any type of workplace environment. Joanne has seen it all and done it all in the HR space in her long and successful career. In the process she has gained a wealth of knowledge, insights and experience that she can tap into to assist others on their professional journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Joanne’s services. Any investment you make with Joanne will reward you many times over.

Bruce Slawitsky

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend the consulting firm M. Tripp Consulting, LLC under the leadership of Joanne Parnofiello. Joanne is the consummate business professional as she knows how to put every one at ease the moment she conducts the initial meeting or telephone conversation. She is diligent about collecting information and data which will become part of her presentation. Most importantly to any company, organization, heath care facility Joanne always indicates the practical application as to how her findings will affect the company, both present and for the future. She has strong group communication skills which are key to the success of any outcome. Prior to the establishment of M. Tripp Consulting, LLC, Joanne worked at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City holding several executive positions in the Human Resources Department, from 2001 to 2022. During those years Joanne displayed great talent and outstanding leadership skills which was recognized by both administration and the medical staff.

This recommendation letter is only a small snapshot of Joanne’s talents and achievements. Given an opportunity to meet her will give you a better understanding of what she can do for your organization in today’s business environment.

Stephen Reday

Joanne’s ability to blend professionalism and compassion are unparalleled. When I was being interviewed by her for an entry level management position at a major academic medical center, she ended the interview by getting up and walking me to the next person’s office, which was across the street. I have never been treated with such respect and made to feel so special in an interview process and it was one of the main reasons that I took the position. In the years the followed, I continued to be promoted, ultimately obtaining a senior management position where Joanne was responsible for the recruitment of hundreds of individuals in my departments. While she only allow the highest caliber of candidate to be sent through, with laser precision, I watched her treat every candidate the same way she treated me. Joanne is a wonderful person and an asset to any person seeking HR related services.

Paul Coyne

Joanne provided active membership in our Spiritual Advisory Committee. Her participation demonstrated her human spirit in screening Chaplincy candidates as well as program planning. Her caring nature, coupled with her acceptance of all personalities, make her an involved and active team member. I highly recommend Joanne as a professional, well respected Woman of integrity.

Margaret Theresa Oettinger, OP

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